1/2 Day Fishing

Fish out to 90 feet for king mackerel, dolphin and other species.

3/4 Day Fishing

Great opportunity for those wanting to get in on some blue water action, fishing.

Full Day Fishing

Fish the gulf stream waters for tuna, wahoo, dolphin, marlin and sailfish.

Evening Cruises

Come and relax while enjoying beautiful Charleston from the water.

Plan Your Charleston Fishing Charter Today!


Whitikar Boat Works are know world wide to build to best riding yachts in the world and The Risky Business Fishing Charter’s in Charleston, SC is no exception. Our extra large cockpit is nearly double the size of most yachts our size. With the amount of room we have they whole fishing party can stay together all day. Most boats can’t accomodate six anglers and a mate in the cockpit. We can!!!

A true 25 Knot cruising vessel, your party will enjoy 2-3 hours of additional fishing compared to our competition. When you charter a deep sea fishing boat, most companies will charge one fee and keep you in as close to shore to save fuel. There are not as many big fish close to shore. We run an average of 40-50 miles before we put lines in the water. Cruising at 25 knots can get you there one to two hours faster than most boats and the boats that are faster do not go faster because they burn too much fuel. We are in pursuit of “THE BIG ONE’ every time our boat leaves the dock.

We use Ocean surface temperature charts provided by Roffer’s Fishing forecasting service for every fishing charter we schedule, as these charts help take the guess work out of fishing, they provide us with valuable information about the Gulf stream. With these charts we can go directly to areas that should hold fish, not running out into the ocean blind or relying on yesterday’s information.

Our captains are true professionals with at least 15 years experience, they have a passion for fishing-you know the one-the one you can’t teach. Either they have it or they don’t. Our captains have it. It is unacceptable for them not to catch the most fish daily.

We employ only the best Shimano and Penn equipment available, we maintain all of our equipment and use only the best bait and fishing techniques. We spend extra money on FluoroCarbon leaders, these leaders are invisible underwater. Our equipment is tournament ready aU the time, fresh line so the big ones do not get away from equipment failures.

The “Risky Business” has a large air conditioned saloon, comfortable seating, large galley and comfortable head for a day of luxury fishing. These items make a big difference during a long hot day at sea. Our vessel stays cold inside all day and in case someone in the party gets sick, we have two large couches for their comfort. We have a high pressure fresh water hose in the cock pit so that one can cool down with a nice fresh shower during a hot day.

We have a state of the art stereo system for you enjoyment and you can bring any CD’s that you might want to listen to. We also have the best Garmin electronics on the market. These help us find fish and temperature changes throughout the day.

We provide ice, water, bait, fuel, and have a microwave oven to heat up anything desired. We professionally clean all of your catch at the end of the day and bag it up for you liking.